Renegades “The Judas War” Novel



Based on the hit Web Series!

The year is 2387 and the Confederation is threatened by a faceless entity bent on the destruction of everything they hold dear; exploration, equality, and freedom for all.

During a routine FleetCom training exercise, a secret cabal of high-ranking officials launches their first attack as they embark upon a mission that will fracture the very foundation of the Confederation and plunge the galaxy into a genocidal war.

In the middle of the conflict is Lexxa, First Officer of the Icarus. FleetCom’s newest destroyer. Plagued by nightmares of a life she never wanted, she finds herself betrayed at every turn as she fights a desperate battle to save a Confederation she’s not even sure is worth saving.

Written by Michael Koogler and Sky Conway.

This product can take up to 6 weeks from order date to deliver.

Everything I wanted in a space adventure… explosive action, an intricately woven plot, and the good guys battling impossible odds.

Rachel Aukes, author of Fringe Runner


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