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Please help us fund the post-production of Renegades: the Requiem!

Welcome to our final crowd-funding campaign for Renegades: the Requiem. If you’ve donated previously, you’ve seen that we’ve already released the first half of the film. The donor feedback we’ve received has been amazing – universal acclaim, and we are so happy that our fans love it. The second half is almost done – shooting is complete, and we are very, very close to completion. But we need your help for one final push to get us to release.

We are seeking post-production funding to expand and finish our visual FX work, and to finish up the audio, mixing and color correction. This campaign will also allow us to add many new VFX shots to enhance the story and dramatically increase the visual production value – if you’ve viewed part one, you’ve seen what an amazing job the team has done with the effects! Renegades: the Requiem is so close to public release, and we are eager to offer the dramatic conclusion to the film. Spoiler alert: the Renegades universe will never be the same!

Watch the trailer for The Requiem Part 2

As with our other films, we are depending on you to help us tell this story! If you’ve enjoyed Renegades or contributed in the past, please consider donating to this final push. Any funds you contribute will go directly to the finalization and promotion of this feature. Whether you contribute a single dollar or a million, your donations help us support the amazingly talented actors, artists and equipment operators who make these films possible.

And great news! Once we raise this final funding for post-production, we can announce that The Requiem will be complete in less than 60 days! As always, we love rewarding our loyal donors! We’ve put together an amazing array of campaign rewards for contributions of all levels. Check them out, and please donate today!


Own your own digital copy of both engaging chapters of Renegades: the Requiem. Plus get exclusive access to the Renegades production blog, a collection of digital wallpapers and avatars, digital movies posters and behind-the-scenes videos. (Sorry, the forbidden fan dance footage has been destroyed). Plus we will add you to our public donor list on the website. Cool!

Digital downloads will be made available once the DVD and Blu-Ray versions have been released and start shipping.


2017 Limited Edition Renegades: The Requiem Collector pin.

Show your love for Renegades in a subtle but cool way – with our limited edition 2017 campaign trading pin! This is a great way for fans to show off their support. Our art team has taken our “Alien Jolly Roger” emblem and designed a really cool item out of it.

Shipping and handling +$5


Enhance your wardrobe! Make a fashion statement with four collectible fabric patches from the Renegades universe. Designed by local artists and produced in a very limited run, these badges allow you to be a part of the Renegades faction of your choice. Side with the noble Confederation or take up with the Icarus and its band of miscreants – it’s up to you!

Shipping and handling +$10


Autographed by film and television legend Walter Koenig and Author Sky Conway!

Before the events of Renegades there was the thrilling, mysterious Judas War. Now you can learn the whole story in the prequel novel Renegades: The Judas War.

The year is 2387, and the Confederation is threatened by a faceless entity bent on the destruction of everything they hold dear: exploration, equality and freedom. A secret cabal of high-ranking officials launches their first attack as they embark on an agenda designed to fracture the very foundation of the Confederation…and set the galaxy on the path toward genocidal war.

Caught in the middle of the conflict is Lexxa, First Officer of FleetCom’s newest destroyer, the Icarus. Thrust into a life she never wanted, she finds herself betrayed and sabotaged at every turn. And is the Confederation even worth saving? Written by Micheal Koogler and Sky Conway

If you love Renegades, we think you’ll love this look at Lexxa’s earlier adventures, and we’re proud to offer this prequel tale to our donors. And what an amazing opportunity to pick up a rare and collectible Walter Koenig autograph. We’ve loved him as the hero, and we’ve loved to hate him as the villain…Mr. Koenig is a film legend through and through.

Shipping and handling +$15, delivered approx. 4-6 weeks from date of donation


Renegades: the Requiem on DVD! We’re really going to pack this edition full of special features: behind-the-scenes vignettes, deleted scenes, SFX features, and of course a gag reel. DVDs will begin shipping once Renegades: the Requiem is publicly released.

Shipping and handling +$12


DVD? Meh – I spit in the face of your archaic technology! Renegades: the Requiem is on Blu-Ray! Just like the DVD edition, we’re including a ton special features: behind-the-scenes vignettes, deleted scenes, SFX features, and of course a gag reel. For the true-blue Renegades fan, ha.

Shipping and handling +$12


If you’re building a film and television collectibles collection, this is a great offer. This donation tier offers a copy of the Renegades: the Requiem DVD PLUS an exclusive, autographed 8×10 glossy of one of the Renegades.

Shipping and handling +$14


Upgrade to Blu Ray! We’ll send you a copy of the Renegades: the Requiem Blu-Ray PLUS the exclusive, autographed 8×10 glossy of one of the Renegades.

Shipping and handling +$14


For the autograph hounds out there, these donors will receive a very special, very exclusive limited edition of our “Cast of 20” mini poster, each which are signed by ten actors from the Renegades cast. Whether they’re a rising star or a legend in the industry, this is an amazing item for collection and display.

Shipping and handling +$12


Own a little piece of history with a signed edition of our “Six Legends” photo. Come on now – we know you’ve watched, loved and celebrated these amazing performers for years…even decades. How many miles would you travel to get to all the conventions to collect the autographs of these amazing actors? Well, help us get this movie made and we will do the work for you!

Shipping and handling +$12


Ok, this one is SUPER COOL – a 1/677 model kit of the HMS Icarus. This is a light-able, limited edition resin model of the Icarus. Our prop masters had this created by a local team of professional model artisans from the digital models used in the creation of the FX for the film. If you’re a spaceship nerd like all of us at Atomic, you’re going to want your own model of our distinct, beautiful, bad-ass hero ship.


  • 15.6 inches long.
  • Master tooling and castings crafted by professional scale model makers.
  • Created using the original digital filming model.
  • High detail model kit.
  • High quality resin parts.
  • Suitable for interior lighting.
  • Decal markings included.
  • Instructions included.
  • Assembly required.

Shipping and handling +$25


We wanted to put together something truly special for this donor tier, and we’re offering our Renegades clothing patch collection and TEN (yes, ten) autographed cast photos. Ten of our amazing cast members, including our Legends, will autograph their 8x10s for you to add to your collection. Wow!

As an added bonus, you’ll get HONORARY RENEGADE status and be named in the special thanks section in the episode’s end credits. Hollywood, here you come!

Shipping and handling +$15


Exclusive and extremely limited perk!

10 minute personal phone call with Walter Koenig! Imagine spending 10 minutes just chatting with such an icon as Walter, one-on-one, allowing him to thank you for your support and then to discuss whatever you want to talk about!


Exclusive and extremely limited perk!

One-of-a-kind voicemail recording done by Nichelle Nichols, especially for you. Have you ever wanted to have such an epic voice mail recording that the whole world will envy you? Imagine having Nichelle doing your voice work!

You would never have need of another message again.


Exclusive and extremely limited perks!

Get both the 10 minute personal phone call with Walter Koenig and one-of-a-kind voicemail recording done by Nichelle Nichols, especially for you.



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10 minute personal phone call with Walter Koenig

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Voicemail recording done by Nichelle Nichols

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Both Walter & Nichelle perks

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