MAJESTICA is a silver-haired humanoid with a gorgeous fluffy tail, like a squirrel’s, which she wraps around her shoulders like a feather boa; she can also use it to surprise effect in certain instances.  She is the Madame of the “Sensual Tentacle,” and she prides herself in having a variety of species in her employ, including humans.  Her establishment is well-respected and a popular stopping spot for customers of discerning tastes.

Majestica herself comes out and mixes with the patrons or talks with Cozmo, considering it a good business practice.  She used to be hot stuff on the galactic entertainment circuit, but now she’s a tough businesswoman who knows how to negotiate and how to keep the customers happy.

As a running joke, Majestica seems to know everybody who comes through Cozmo’s.  Ken begins to wonder if there is any important person of any race that she doesn’t consider an “old friend.”  She is cool and motherly, knowing just how to smooth over problems, unruffle feathers (or other appendages), and keep everybody happy.