Kennedy McCormack is the fresh-faced and eager new employee at the bar.  Away from the home planet for the first time in his life, Ken is wide-eyed at everything he sees, anxious to experience all the galaxy has to offer.  He has left family on Earth, and his mother often sends him care packages of treats, which the alien customers find embarrassing or disgusting.

Ken has been hired as a bartender-in-training to mix drinks and serve all species.  He is having a difficult time memorizing all the different drinks and beverages, as well as the warning restrictions as to which various aliens prefer drinks that are chemically incompatible (with disastrous potential consequences).  Ken is somewhat gullible and wet behind the ears, but he will stick up for himself.

Humans are the new kids on the galactic block.  As wide-eyed youngsters in the clup of spacefaring species, we are viewed as the “Irish of the galaxy” – provincial, quaint, somewhat rowdy, a bit too big for our britches… though we don’t quite realize it.  Shown with a liberal does of irony, the humans of often snickered at, yet we always manage to persevere.  Since humans are the constant butt of alien jokes, Ken McCormack often finds himself in a scuffle.