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Atomic is an LA based on-demand television network with original programming catering to techies, early adapters, Scifi, fantasy and horror fans, gamers, geeks, comic and pop culture enthusiasts.

Atomic will offer premium pay per view scripted Series and advertiser supported non-fiction programs.

Smart shows for audiences with a brain.



Gene Roddenberry once envisioned a universe where mankind could live in peace, where they could explore, and where they could boldly seek out new worlds.  “Renegades” is an extension and re-visioning of Gene’s hopeful future.  Man finally lives in peace.  He learned long ago that a strong moral compass is essential to survival, unleashing an explosion of creativity and peaceful exploration of the Galaxy.  But there are other races in the galaxy who don’t follow these ideals, and want to eliminate all humans from the galaxy.  Tasked with trying to stop this aggression – sometimes openly, sometimes covertly – are our Renegades, a rag-tag mixture of humans and like-thinking aliens, whose unique mixture of skills will be continually tested as they face these new and deadly threats.  “Renegades” will have the signature Roddenberry brand of values and optimism for humanity, but the stories will be told from the Renegade perspective set against a grand alien struggle with humanity caught in the middle.



A groundbreaking, original premise that can be best described as Twilight Zone meets the Star Wars’ Cantina, with an anthology embedded in the premise. Set in a “crossroads bar” on an alien planet that’s on the edge of a galactic war zone with a cast full of far out characters including intergalactic spies, smugglers, bounty hunters, and even an interplanetary madam. At Cozmo’s humans are the new species on the block and are the butt of all the jokes. The series main cast will feature Cozmo (Ethan Phillips), a good-natured four tentacled bartender, Ken (Drake Bell), his wet behind the ears human assistant, and Kallie (Renee Olstead), a beautiful, street smartwaitress. Along with a host of regular and new patrons, they will share their far-flung adventures, stories, romantic endeavors, business ventures and antics. The series will feature original art design by legendary Star Wars artist Ralph Mac Quarrie.




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